I’m an American author, from an Indian background. My parents immigrated to the United States from Tamil Nadu, India, and settled in South Florida. I have four siblings and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Miami.

Growing up, I became addicted to television. PBS edutainment, Warner Bros cartoons, you name it. I became obsessed with animation and animated film, to the point where we had twenty Disney VCRS.

Then my mom made a sensible decision: she cut me off from television after third grade. I had to learn to entertain myself via other means, but it took one year to learn to love books, in part thanks to Harry Potter and Redwall, and another year to realize that I wanted to be a writer. Then I had to teach myself the craft.

Every story is a journey, about a character undergoing a great change. That change will be for the better, even if it comes at a high price. That’s my philosophy when I write, whether about Beowulf in the modern era or soothsayers that foretell death.


Feel free to contact me at PriyaJSridhar@gmail.com or jayapretzel.lady@gmail.com.


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