Trauma, pg 43-103

“Trauma forces the survivor to relive all her earlier struggles over autonomy, initiative, competence, identity and intimacy” (pg 52)

Ms. Herman seems to be a person who sees the glass as half-full, while recognizing that the glass needs to be full. This quote summarizes my thoughts about and fascination with trauma, especially in my writing. Perhaps I am venting about growing up and realizing that the world is imperfect, but by itself the story of a person recovering from horrific events makes for good drama, pathos and character development. Real life trauma, as the book accurately describes, is like a sticky web of pain that the victim cannot escape. I do not know if losing a father at a young age or getting bullied, counts as trauma, but anxiety causes me to cling to terrible habits and negative associations with certain words and images. If merely living can cause such associations, then small wonder that rape victims and war veterans need more help regaining what they have lost.


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